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rumored and jimmy fallon will replace him. so, deja vu? >> give leno a year to pick at the nbc execs. >> he's number one right now? >> he's number one, may be a mistake, thanks for joining us. >> "america live" starts right now. >> megyn: fox news alert. we're waiting new reaction from the obama administration right now on what has become an increasingly unpredictable and tense military situation on the korean peninsula. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. moments ago, defense secretary chuck hagel started speaking in washington. we're monitoring those remarks for any comments about the latest threats from north korea. overseas today, the top u.s. commander in south korea is offering a bleak assessment of the current situation. general james thurmon telling reporters he's never seen things as tense as they are right now on the korean peninsula. describing it as volatile and
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dangerous, fearing any m miscalculation could lead to war. the north barring south korean workers from entering a jointly operated factory complex, jeopardizing a project that provides some of the other peaceful contact between the two sides. and as the tensions escalate, the pentagon is taking action, positioning two war ships now near the korean peninsula as part of a missile defense mission. greg palkot has the latest live from london, greg. >> reporter: yeah, the latest target of north korea, seemingly innocuous. we were there a few years ago, not much too see outside a important situation, maybe the only cooperation right now. that factory complex is inside north korea, employs about 50,000 north korean workers, along with 900 south korean managers and that's who north korea is today banning from
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coming into the compound. many had remained inside from earlier in the week so the factories continue to run, but the supplies right now to this compound are cut off. a shutdown could hurt north korea more than south korea. we're told that pyongyang takes a generous cut of the earnings and while the factory workers wages are meager, they're happy in fact to get that. and as you noted, the u.n. continues to put on pressure. and a second destroyer with a guided missile capability will join the u.s.s. john mccain in the region. in the words of the spokesman, they are poised to respond to missile threats against allies and the united states and having shown the flag across the skies of south korea, the f-22 stealth fighters are now heading back to their home base back in japan, a u.s. base there. this, as we're hearing no new utteranc
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utterances. and the top officials in foreign ministry bet with the u.n. ambassador in beijing and in the words of china, they're hoping that everything will remain calm and that everyone will exercise restraint, back to you. >> megyn: greg, thank you. remember, the north makes no secret who it is targeting. now, that was the images of american soldiers and south koreans being used for target practice by the north. and shooting the targets over and over again, trying to send a message, obviously. this video is just one of the recent examples of the north's propaganda machine at work. we know they love propaganda and rhetoric, but how far will the son of kim jong-il take this, will he move beyond the
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propaganda as he appears ready to do? president obama says in the past that north korea must know it can only achieve prosperity by meeting obligations. with the daily threats coming from north korea's unpredictable regime is it time for the obama administration to change tactics. what does it mean for the prison politically who is dealing with a lot when it comes to foreign policy. chris stirewalt is our editor and host of power play live. and what a mess we're dealing with right now and he's got a lot of goals he wants to achieve in the second term as a president, from immigration reform and push for gay marriage and gun control, now we've got problems with north korea, we've got problems with syria and ongoing problems with iran and the one with north korea has really reared its head in earnest in the past couple of weeks, but we
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seem to be taking it very seriously. >> well, look, we always, the united states had a lot of success with the cleptcratic leader kim jong-il. and whether or not his son is equally available to bribe, i don't know, it's getting weird. things are getting weird over there. and things could get bad in a hurry and this is the problem for presidents in their second terms particularly. you've got an agenda at home you want to deal with and care about. what you didn't hear in the president's second inaugural address, you didn't hear much in his state of the union address, was about foreign policy and these issues, but, crazy people, especially crazy people that have nuclear weapons or chemical weapons or are in dangerous neighborhoods, like mr. assad in syria, things can intrude on what was supposed to be a
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placid, domestic agenda. >> megyn: this kim jong-un, it's like the devil you know. we had kim jong-il and as we say he would be bribed and contained. the son is like a fat prince running around and nobody had the nerve to discipline and never taught anything other than by a crazy man and now we don't know what we're dealing with. the wall street journal called him a man-child. and he's leading that nation. how is our president supposed to be -- look who he's dealing with. we've got the fat prince, we've got ahmadinejad in iran and now assad torturing his own people in syria. how is is a united states president supposed to sit down and make any progress in dealing with any of these guys? >> well, as you say, you just hope for containment, really, if you're the president of the united states when you're dealing with these people who range from cynical to insane, to whatever. and you can't really get much out of them unless they are
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susceptible to being bribed, unless you really want to go to war and the thought of fighting war, that involves north korea would immediately give you a humanitarian crisis because north korea is an ongoing humanitarian crisis because the fat prince, as you described him. he and his father a grandfather starved their people into submission. if we dropped the first bomb, we'd have a full-blown thing on our hands starting with the chinese. and if your attention shifts to a major crisis, a massive crisis in asia. >> megyn: we don't want to own that problem. >> no. >> megyn: we don't want to own that problem. their gdp is below that of chad over in north korea, chad is what they're aiming for, this gives you a sense of the desolation and the desperation in north korea, why they have time for the military drills and shooting up american
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targets for target practices. and syria we've been loathe to get into for very good reason. of course we don't want to own that problem either and yet, it continues to get worse and worse. and now there's a situation in syria where you've got other allies out there. arab allies who openly agreed to recognition the opposition over there and now al-assad fights on. and we know what the situation is in iran, where over the next three years, what room does our president have to move when it comes to syria? >> he'll have to move if what we're seeing play out over lebanon, as we've got syrian fighters and israeli fighters sharing air space up there and things are getting dicier and dicier, it's a genocide going on. the president may not have a choice when or how to
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intervene. circumstances beyond his control may dictate that to him. >> megyn: and there's comfort in knowing how crazy the other guy is. i don't know if we know the and to those in any of those caseses and certainly not in north korea and let's hop we don't find out the hard way. chris, thanks. >> you bet. >> megyn: well, we've got details coming in on a new person of interest in the murders of those two prosecutors down in texas and one of the man's wife. authorities are investigating the deaths of district attorney mike mclelland and his wife cynthia over the weekend. we're now focusing on a former local official who was convicted of stealing public property two years ago. police did not identify this person, but they say he threatened both mclelland and the assistant district attorney, mark hasse. now, mark hasse was shot and killed on his way to court back in june. they are not officially saying that this person, unnamed person is a suspect. they're calling this person a person of interest, but
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there's a new lead in that case. we'res also getting word of a news conference next hour around 2 p.m. eastern as the fbi joins the investigation into a possible threat tr targeting ohio state university. police say the threat focuses on a cafeteria in the university's columbus campus. it was on what was described as a role playing website. the police department is increasing the patrol and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. countries around the world are keeping an eye on how police in brazil are handling a brutal sexual assault on an american woman. an attack now shining an ugly spotlight on rio de janeiro ahead of several major events there. and the crime aboard a public transit van, ahead of the olympics, world cup and world youth day.
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trace gallagher has it live from the west coast news room. >> reporter: you have the authorities questioning whether the police are up to the real task of protecting millions and millions of people who will flood the city the next three years. the transit van is said to be less expensive than a cab, but faster than a bus. the couple was on the van right there on the way to a popular nightclub when they were attacked by the men who actually operated the van. police say the men far asked the other passengers to get off and a party of evil that lasted for hours, handcuffing and beating the man and took turns sexually assaulting the woman and stole the couple's credit cards and ran them to their limits and forced the woman to get another credit card out of her hotel saying if she didn't they'd continue to beat her boyfriend. the suspect has been arrested and positively i.d.'d by the couple and two of the three men later confessed and another woman have seen the men and come forward and saying they sexually assaulted
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her last month. reheo police say the crimes are absolutely unacceptable and say that copa cabana is their version of disneyland and that people do not expect to be roughed up when they go to disneyland and they should not be expected to be roughed up when they go to copa cabana, megyn. >> megyn: what a nightmare, trace, thank you. two researchers have now sparked a heated debate suggesting that white males are the ones to blame for america's problems with gun violence. we'll debate that claim and look at the evidence the two women are offering. plus, as president obama travels to denver, colorado to make a new push for gun control. some police officers there are asking why their training facility is being used as a back drop. one of the officers suggesting they don't want to be props in this message. and one of those officers will join us live right after this break. don't miss that. and a man whose son was recently blessed by the pope
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>> a developing story in colorado where new questions are being raised ahead of president obama's speech on gun control in just a few hours. police there are sharing concerns about the president's plan to use a police department training facility and police officers as a back drop for his remarks, while promoting his gun control proposals. denver police officer dan ny wise is joining us now and he's one of the officers voicing concerns shared by many, danny tells us. officer, thank you very much for being here. so the president is going out there, he will use police officers as a back drop and as props, as critics would say.
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how did it first come to your attention that there are police officers in the ranks who were not happy about this? >> well, i'm on vacation, but checking social media like facebook, several officers were contacting me over the weekend and voicing concerns. over the year i've been kind of a formal and informal advocate for officers expressing issues and often recipients of alerts from the rank and file. >> megyn: what were they saying? >> there was a big concern how we were getting ourselves involved in a very partisan, political subject, a subject with no consensus and our use of our police facility, our police academy and uniformed officers could be portrayed nationally as our position on the gun control debate and so officers were very concerned that we were being used for
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exploited by some. >> megyn: that it was going to look like an endorsement of the president's agenda where there are diverse opinions among the forces about gun control? >> exactly. and many of the officers were stating that as police officers we should be neutral on these very hotly contested issues. we shouldn't be seen or perceived as taking sides. >> megyn: so, i know you actually wrote a letter to the ethics board out there saying, we need to look at this because we're not normally allowed to do things that show a political endorsement, certainly not in uniform and they got back to you and said, oh, that's a great point, but our next meeting is on april 18th. so, that doesn't really help too much, does it? >> not at this time. but i think it's an issue that won't go away. i think that maybe even on a national level that the international association of police maybe has a position on this, but it needs to be addressed because this won't be the last time that this occurs. >> now, the police chief,
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robert white, has apparently gone on record saying this will put our department, our city and our state on the national level. it gives us some positive exposure because he is talking about being there with the president of the united states. he's right we've got an amount of exposure in the last several years, we hosted the dnc and other big events during the complaining last year, president obama and mitt romney came through denver a lot because we were a swing state. so, it's an ongoing exposure. today is not an exception by far. >> megyn: so this was -- this is happening, we are told shall because the white house requested it. they specifically wanted the use of a police facility as a back drop for the president's remarks. in your experience, i know you've got 28 years in law enforcement in the denver metro area, and 18 years as a
10:20 am
denver police officer. has this ever happened before? has the president ever come out and asked if he could use you guys as a backdrop? >> not for a specific issue that was-- that's being pushed through or diussed. obviously, we're always involved with security and traffic whenever a dignitary visits our city, but in my memory, i think this is the first time that we're being used in this manner. >> megyn: out in colorado they've just passed some controversial gun control measures and there are local sheriffs in and around the denver area and certainly throughout colorado who have actually said they're not going to enforce them. so, this gun control remains a controversial issue in colorado as it is in much of the country. what effect, if any, do you think this visit and this back drop will have on that controversy? >> well, the colorado sheriffs
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have gotten a lot of of attention on a local state-wide level. today's visit will bring national attention to it and with denver police officers and other officers in the background, i think it will give the impression that the colorado sheriffs are wrong, that law enforcement here in denver is truly behind the president and the u.s. senate for the democrats initiative and i think that's where the problem is, is that we're being unfairly portrayed when i-- exploited for one political party's agenda over another. >> megyn: officer, thanks for being here and for your service, sir. >> you bet. >> megyn: taking your thoughts, is it appropriate? follow he me on twitter and let me know @megyn kelly. after mortgages, why are they
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>> fox news alert. we're getting information that kev kevin ware, the louisville basketball player, will have a press conference, it's the first we've been hearing from him in a public setting since the gruesome injury that stopped the game louisville, and the man looked at the
10:26 am
teammates and said, just win the game, win the game and inspired his teammates and many of us beyond with his strength and i compared it to a soldier, you know, who despite the injury, just wants the team to fight on. in any event, we will hear from him live we're told in a couple of minutes and love to hear from him, wouldn't you? how is he doing? what was going through his mind at that moment? how did he manage through the pain to focus on victory, and what does he think a couple of days after the fact. we'll see him here live in moments, folks. >> see the whales. ooh, ooh. >> what are you doing? >> can you-- dory, no one knows what you're saying. >> see, he's going away. >> come back. >>. >> megyn: if you haven't seen "finding nemo" that seems like
10:27 am
a really weird clip and you my want to get up to speed because disney and pixar announced a sequel to finding nemo and it's coming out in 2015. 2015? this time the movie will focus on ellen degeneres' character forgetful dory. and the story find skwoo"findin d d dory", it became the best selling dvd of all time. spawned millions in video games sales, and rides at theme parks and oscar for best animated film, but for years fans waited and so quell. now, at long last, here it comes, "finding dory" starring ellen degeneres and albert brooks, november 5th, 2015.
10:28 am
what took so long? one reason a feud between ceo at the time michael eisner and steve jobs, who controlled pixar's maker. and never mind that toy story 3 with later gross a billion dollars. and making sequels to seven pixar films that disney owned and likely enraged steve jobs and michael eisner quickly shut down circle seven and wooed steve jobs and bought pixar outright a year later and millions in revenue have streamed in since for disney. "finding dory" could add to that. and andrew statton, the writer and director of "finding nemo", the voice of crush, the
10:29 am
surfing dude turtle. and john carter, the first effort at a live action feature and logged for disney, it could be a comeback. >> megyn: my kids are little, we don't have a lot of these, "finding nemo" and two years until the sequel. apparently i'm the only one who hasn't seen it. coming up, two female researchers, identical twin sisters, sparking a heated debate today, suggesting that white men are the ones to blame for america's problems with gun violence and there are some spin-off theories about why that may be, and you may find them rather offensive. we warn you, we debate that claim and look at evidence. this, however, you will not find offensive, a man who's son was recently blessed by the pope says this once in a
10:30 am
lifetime opportunity provided his family and the world with a valuable life lesson. and today that father joins us live with what that lesson is and what it was like to see this moment, as this child's father. and white house press secretary jay carney going after our own ed henry when he was asked about evidence that some in the administration may have misled americans about the automatic spending changes that have now taken effect? did they oversell the devastating results that were going to happen? we'll ask ed what the heck just happened here just ahead. . >>. >> you are editorializing enorm nuousl enormously. >> february 25th he sawed 5,000 fewer border patrol agents that has an impact of the those are her words and that's not politicized.
10:31 am
>> how is that not the case? >> they announced yesterday they're not doing that.
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>> fox news alert out of kentucky as we await the first press conference from kevin ware, the injured louisville basketball player who suffered a horrific injury on the court sunday night and we'll speak to the media the very first time publicly in the setting. we'll take it live, stay with us. and then there's this. a provocative column appearing
10:35 am
in "the washington post" suggesting that white men are really the ones to blame for america's mass shootings. and the article is written by twins, identical twins, charlotte and harriet childress who describe themselves as researchers on socialist and political issues. they say they've received almost a million dollars in taxpayer funded grants from the national science foundation throughout their careers and in this column argue if life were equitiable, white male gun rights advocates would be asked to explain, among other things, what facets of white male culture create so many mass shootings and why do white men buy, sell and manufacture guns for profit. attend gun shows and demonstrate for unrestricted gun access, disproportionately more than people of other ethnicities or races. and joining us lars, a white
10:36 am
male gun owner. and also a syndicated radio host. >> megyn: lars, you want a shot at that? >> sure, because the sisters, the twins live in my back yard. as you said, they got a million bucks in taxpayer money to produce a bunch of drivel and here is why the drivel doesn't add up. you look at the last 30 years, there have been 65 mass shooting events in the united states. about 40 of them were committed by white males, even white males. i can do the math. 70%. and white males are about 70% of the population, it it seems as though white males or white people are not overrepresented or underrepresented in the evil acts of murder and the other thing, those acts of murder took the lives of about 5,000 people just over, and injured or wounded about 500 more. that's about 7 1/2 deaths per
10:37 am
year. it would take chicago, well, probably about the first month of the year to have that many gun homicides, but those are mostly done with pistols, which the president and the liberal nuts in congress are not trying to control. i'd love to see leslie-- is leslie going to indict me as a white male and possible future terrorist? >> leslie? >> well, i am not a white male and i don't have a gun and glad i'm not living in the back yard having written this, lars. but i have to say, first of all, with regard to chicago, please, look at that, i was very happy to for the past two months, their homicide rates are actually down and numbers back in the 50's and hoping for 300 at the end of 2013. >> megyn: the prosecution rate stinks. >> i agree. >> megyn: the rate strings. >> i'm conservative on crime as a liberal and many liberals are unhappy with. i agree with you 100%. lars, with regard to this, how many white men are in the population, we do have to look
10:38 am
at reality and facts, okay? the majority of men in prison are white. majority of murders are committed by white men, rapes, pedophiles, abductions, and massacres, when we in this country are saying, okay, regardless of where you and i may stand with guns, we all agree these have to be addressed that these people need treatment and that we want to keep guns out of people like this's hands. so why isn't a valid question posed, one, and two, something that perhaps the n.r.a., these women, our government, state by state, should consider so that we can make our country safer when these white men, serial killers, even, obviously even at a young age, have many times-- >> let me say this, but let me say this because these twins may disagree with you on that leslie. because they say that white men try to divert attention from gun control when they
10:39 am
talk about mental issues. that's just the white guys saying look over here, look over here, there's no gun issue, it's all about mental health because they say that women and girls who have mental health issues don't pick up guns and go out and create mass shooting situations, lars. >> megyn, could i take a shot at that. >> megyn: yes. >> here is the thing. >> a shot at that? >> the component to that, i believe it's entirely a mental health issue, crazy people kill people in this country, like it or not. but if there's a racial component to you, leslie is a little wrong on her facts. almost 50% of the murders in this countries are of victims who are black. mostly black men. and nearly all of the black men shot or killed by some other means in this country are killed by other black men. now, black men only make up 7% of the u.s. population, yet, they make up 50% of the u.s. population of homicide victims and as i said, the most likely person for a black man to be
10:40 am
murdered by is another black man. so, if you want to focus on gender or race, those are the real statistics, but the fact that these sisters say the white power structure is the thing that diverts everyone's attention by blaming mental illness, gee, take a look at adam lanza, take a look at jared loughner, take a look at james holmes, take a look at mr. roberts, the man who shot up the mall and murdered two people. and they're crazy and that's the problem, it's not about gender and it's not about race. >> megyn: obviously, there have been, unfortunately, many mass murderers who are not white men. i mean, there's been too many in general and too many people of color and people who are white as well. john alan mohammed, the d.c. sniper, and the man who the shot up virginia tech comes to mind. and the folks expanding on this further, leslie, the wall street journal did an interesting retort to the twins' piece, points out that some of the folks on board with this theory have taken it
10:41 am
to another level, suggesting it's white men who commit niece crimes and that it's white men who advocate on behalf of guns in this country because they have another issue, and they cite somebody from buzz flash as saying, and i quote, you won't find anyone willing to dare say much in the media, a good percentage of the white men who oppose gun control of any sort are afraid without the guns the phallic power will be reduced to size and temporarily assured when a long barrel come sates for the average manhunt, man hood. this is not the first time we've heard people say this, if you like guns it's because you're trying to overcompensate for something. >> you want me to answer that, megyn. >> megyn: no, giving that to leslie. >> i've got this one. i remember years ago, a movie called "bobby deerfield" he they stayed a race car was an extension of a man's you know, genitalia and i guess sometimes guns are overcompensating the napoleon
10:42 am
complex. but with reality in this country when we look at the n.r.a., which is mostly white in membership, and does benefit from the manufacture and sale of guns, and when we look at who patronizes gun shows and selling in the majority of that composite and the majority of our overall population, we can't deny before newtown, i was floored as a democrat, that they would want to pay for more armed officers, there were in columbine armed officers in that school. >> one. >> anything, but the gun and those on the right, my buddies like lars, think all of us on the left want to take away guns, take away ammunition, where most of us, myself included say, look, we've got to look at everything. >> megyn: doesn't necessarily have to look at everything. not talking mental health, they're talking about white guys who-- i'll give you the final word, lars, and i've got to run. >> megyn, i think you'd have to consult with tina larson
10:43 am
with any alleged incapacity. >> megyn: i don't think ill he' be doing that. but go and ask black leaders in america what protected them from lynchings in the 40's and 50's and the n.r.a. capitalers, the black man with a gun was a good defense against a clan member. >> megyn: and we've got our eyes on louisville, about to start the presser, and breaking news from the pentagon moments ago as our defense secretary warns that north korea presents a real and clear danger to america now. more on that ahead. and don't miss the story behind the heart warming display on easter sunday when pope francis takes a young, disabled boy into his arms and blesses him. that boy's father joins me live right after the break.
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>> we found a beautiful moment during the easter celebrations at the vatican and the world is still reacting. watch this. pope francis steps into st. peter's square. lifts a disabled eight-year-old boy from among the crowd of thousands and kisses the child's cheek and whispers in his ear. countless watching around the square and moved to tears and we know that young boy's name is dominic, an american from rhode island and he has cerebral palsy. his fear is a theology prefer and wrote about what it means.
10:48 am
and here is paul gondreau from rome. what a beautiful son you have and it's tough to watch that without bringing a tear to your eye literally. i want to ask you first of all, you take us through the moment because i know, your other son, you have five children, lucas saw it happen first and screamed, it's dominic. >> yeah, that's right. and yeah, megyn, it's a pleasure to be with you, i'm happy to be able to share this moment with the fox news audience. actually, the moment almost tonight happen we arrived late at st. peter's square for the mass, about an hour and 15 minutes before the mass and by that point the seating area was filled up. we had tickets for the seating area, but it was filled up. not getting in and the square is pretty well full, but our kids prodded us to move ahead and gave it a shot to the entrance area and the swiss
10:49 am
guard gave the indication for dominic, my soon, to move forward. and only allowed one person accompany the disabled child. and my wife went with him and i stayed back in the square with my other kids and four other children. so, the pope after mass begins the tour around the square in the pope mobile and you know, a lot of people there, a quarter million people, there are flags waving and people are cheering and there's music. and so sometimes you're looking at jumbotron and sometimes you're looking at the crowd and spying the pope, the pope mobile where it's happening. and so, when he picked up my son and embraced him, i was initially unaware of it, i wasn't looking at the big monitor in the square. and all of a sudden my son lucas says, it's dominic. and i thought he was talking about my wife. he'd seen my wife moving through the crowd with dominic
10:50 am
i started looking for him. and my son said, the pope is holding dominic and i beheld this grand moment and moved to tears with my son. it's a great memory. i will cherish that memory forever, discovered it through my other son lucas telling me it's dominic, what a memory. >> megyn: i feel like the pope, your son and your family gave us all a special gift in thatmoment. it wasn't just, it wasn't just you that felt it. we were all feeling it, watching that video. and what is it, paul, what are we feeling? what is happening in this moment that's been so important for those who witnessed it? >> megyn, this is such iconic moment because here you have the pope, the leader of over a billion catholics in the world, with a little disabled boy, eight years old. and on the one hand, what was so moving, i thought was from the side of the pope, it wasn't just a brief momentary
10:51 am
touch or blessing which he normally does, if you watch him when he does the tour, people hold up babies and he will he' give it just a gentle touch and quick blessing, but when dominic, he held him, kissed him and gave him a hug and embraced him. and on my son's side. dominic's side that grin that infectious grin that breaks out on his face and the arm around the neck. >> megyn: oh, i know. >> of the pope to embrace him. wrenched all of our hearts. >> megyn: and i know there was a woman in the square also in tears who looked over and said, you know, your son is here to show people how to love. what a message that is and how dead on that is. >> so you know, you never plan to have a special needs child, megyn, we certainly, my wife and i didn't expect to have that and when you do, you know, you just do the best you can to embrace the child and to see the child as a blessing, it's easy to dwell,
10:52 am
on the child's depen sensesy that you give and sacrifices and i forget sometimes what they give to us and dominic has touched our lives his entire life and what was so humbling and awe-inspiring to witness the whole world could be touched by dominic, that god showed easter sunday 2013 to be the moment when dominic would touch not only those who know him immediately, but the entire world. it's so humbling. >> megyn: and pope francis, you know, spending such time with him and embracing him so lovingly and sending another message to the world, too, that the disabled among us are needing love, desirous of love and worthy of love and the human touch as well. >> that's right. that's right. megyn. this pope, he did the same thing at the installation mass and we were present at his
10:53 am
installation mass at march 19th. when he came into the square before the mass on the pope mobile, he stopped and blessed the person, who was it? it was a disabled person. he's already made devotion to the poor a cornerstone of his pontificate and i think what he showed at that installation mass and with my son dominic, what he means by the poor. he means the least of these. he means that those who are suffering, the disabled, so, really, you know, how i see it from the start, was the pope was embracing not only my son, but really, all special needs children, all, all the disabled people, all the least of these and it was like it was a gentle kiss from heaven to remind us that, that as you just said, megyn, we're all made to love. this is really the purpose of life. >> megyn: yeah. >> this is why these kids give us as the lady said, he is here to show us how to love. >> megyn: the power, the power of that-- >> what better lesson the power. >> megyn: the power that human connection and reminder, you
10:54 am
write honestly in your piece it's not easy raising a disabled child and talk about untold sacrifices demanded of you as parents, but the reminder that that moment provides you of what a privilege it is, you know, to take care of a child, disabled or not. what a privilege it is to take care of this little person who depends on you for so much, and how little time we have with them and how little time we have with each other, but a moment like that reminds us all of how big it is, and how lucky we are, paul. >> absolutely. absolutely. and the dignity of these children and the moral of the spiritual lesson there. you know, i have to tell you, we've always regarded dominic as kind of the saint of our family, the suffering he endures and the patience he puts up with his discomfort and crosses he bears and it's as if what happened on easter sunday was a glaring proclamation from the pope that indeed this is your little saint in your family.
10:55 am
this is dominic and a miraculous blessing in your life and those that he's encountered which is now the entire world. >> megyn: and i'm sure i speak for our viewers when i say, i want to give him a hug of my own and hug that pope and want to be in on that hug with dominic and feel like you allowed us to by that video being shown to the world and by you and your wife speaking out about the moment. thank you so much for sharing your family experience with all of us. >> you're welcome. >> bring you breaking news out of kentucky. and another inspirational figure for many folks, college basketball player kevin ware, who suffered a terrible, terrible injury at a march madness game on sunday has made. well, on the way to making a speedy recovery and now he's
10:56 am
about to offer a press conference and his coach has been speaking for 20 minutes now. and the coach goes first and player goes second. he's just now sitting down. let's listen in. >> well, he started out the game, i think shane was just disappointed in the way he's been playing. and he says, it's time for me to play better. >> all right. with all due respect to the coach we're not going to talk about basketball strategy here and we want to hear from kevin ware. and trace gallagher has been listening to the coach and check with him and wait for kevin to speak. >> yeah, before kevin speaks, they're going to go through rick pitino's stuff. the final four this saturday, but pitino started out the news conference recounting what happened the other night, the amazing story that captured the imagination of the country which kevin ware broke two bones between his
10:57 am
knee and ankle and pitino saying he was just overwhelmed and shocked that kevin ware, did not feel the pain and it was all about, yeah, it was all about having this. >> megyn: amazing, we'll be right back with kevin ware. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
10:58 am
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10:59 am
>> kevin ware speaks live out of louisville, let's listen. >> when i went to contest the shot it's likely normally always do. i kind of jumped a little bit like i should have blocked the shot i jumped so high. i landed wrong and didn't see where i was landing and kind of what caused the injury, but i kind of felt like stuff like this doesn't just happen for no reason. there is a reason behind everything. and it's just a process that i'm ready for, you know. at the time coach kind of just gave my leg like a look, like he's never seen something like this before. so, i'm just thinking like my
11:00 am
ankle is hurt or something like that, and i looked down at my leg and my bone, six inches out of my leg and i go into automatic shock and i really, really want to think jumped on the scene and just said a prayer for me and it was-- when he was saying that prayer what was going through my head, i'm going to cry and my team is going be to be devastating and we're probab probably-- i'm trying to say some words and they beat duke by 22 so i think my words got through enough. >> by your side after the game and he was in that situation, he wouldn't want players next to him. >> luke is a great guy. luke is-- he's from the time he's been here, he's just been a leader and i can really say that, i really have a deep kind of love for him because he's never going to tell you anything wrong. he will he' get into it with the guys in practice all the time, but that's just luke
11:01 am
being luke, you know? and when he jumped on the scene, and how he did, you know, i was really more expecting pain just 'cause how he is really always there, but seeing luke there, it really just touched my heart, and he said a prayer and it got me through and i saw the coach and kept repeating over and over again, coach, i'm going to be good. we've just got to win this game. that's most important now, i'll be fine let's just win this game. >> the reaction of your teammates, not to the injury, but the reaction of your teammate and-- >> it was like saw a ghost, and the toughest guy, but shane's crying his eyes out and everybody is just real stock, you know? and just looking around and seeing that, it was devastating, you know? but they pulled it through, and going to atlanta and that's really most important right now. we still have a season and we don't want our season to end
11:02 am
so we've got to get the job done. >> and three days-- what do you see is the biggest-- >> all the support i'm getting, you guys, the fans, i've been touched by everyone, you know, someone called me earlier today and was just saying how this is bigger than just me, like a the lot of people are looking at me like i was a role model now because a lot of people have been in injuries that ended their careers, and car accidents and things of that nature and people are really taking note to how i handled the situation and it wasn't nothing that is out of the ordinary. and it's kind of just my character, how i handled it,en and so, you know, getting all of this attention, it's not me, but it's really appreciated. >> and thank you for taking. what was it like when you saw them the first time-- >> seeing the rest it was a great feeling. i miss these guys. that was the biggest thing, getting back here, now, being in indianapolis, with my
11:03 am
girlfriend did a great job being for me the entire time until my mom and stepdad could be this, but nothing like seeing my teammates, now, we're brothers and i wouldn't trade these guys for the world, you know? it's just a bond there, that's never been broken and that's just as real as it gets. >> and getting calls and this is big, national? >> definitely a conversation with coach, now, i'm not a strong -- i've always been a lebron kind of guy, but kobe, you know, kobe reaching out to you and the twitter and instagram, i felt it was disrespectful and ended getting back on twitter to verify that this guy-- them just reaching out to me, it doesn't matter how old you are or what the situation is, everybody cares and that touched me. >> and (inaudible) no, sir.
11:04 am
>> the phrase just calling your teammates over, has kind ever taken over. do you see this as being something that is kind of a touchstone in sports. >> i would say so, how the injury occurred and everything going on. it's not something i plan and like i want it to happen this way. like i said, i'm not really a media guy. i'm one of the quietest guys in the world, honestly. just the support, i really, really do appreciate. >> (inaudible). >> did you know anything going on back at the rainy aarena? when did you learn you won and going to atlanta? >> i didn't know we're going to atlanta, i didn't remember the coach and honestly, me
11:05 am
waking up and seeing the trophy, one step closer to where we want to be. yeah, i saw the highlights, you know, put like a video together of duke coming back and tying the game and i don't know what happened. i guess a timeout or a huddle and these guys came out playing as hard as they could, magnificent run and everybody stepped up. and it was very, very, very proud, i was very, very proud of my team. >> and naming scar, a little pit bull, he's got a connection already, we're like best friends, really. it was just like, i felt like it was one of those things where i'm going to need something to do and somebody to entertain me and i felt like a dog would be the perfect situation. and got him the day i was in-- the first day i was in the hospital, and wayne went and
11:06 am
picked him up for me and showed me how they had the shirt his name and my number and his name on it, and he was looking at me and i was looking at him. >> you know, i just feel like they're the not playing just to win a national championship now, you know, we accomplished a big east last year and our goals are still the same. my injury are not-- i still want to win a national championship. and when we cut down the net, that's what's going to be my support. >> of what made you a different player the last part of the game-- >> it was really just him something having the confidence in me. and since i came back from the marquette game and he
11:07 am
basically told he me i need to go out there and play basketball and watch for guys like russ and payne and learning what they do, some of the best guards in the country honestly and something i can't take from that. you can take a lot from watching russ, you know, it was kind of like coach wanted to be more like russ, just being aggressive and doing more stuff and i kind of felt like i started to pick it up, like kept progressing and progressing as the season went on, but, you know, stuff happens. >> megyn: and get out there and play basketball and that's what he did. and that's what his teammates did despite a devastating injury to their friend and teammate kevin ware, a compound fracture gruesome and horrifying to see, but from which he's rebounding. and he's sitting there talking about it and matter of fact and taking six inches out of his leg a couple of days ago, 72 hours ago. yet, what an inspiration. >> trace: trace gallagher, a
11:08 am
lot of names he was mentioning weren't familiar to me, but talked about them like brothers and powerful watching them win and how very, very proud he was, the bond between the teammates could not be broken. sadly the leg could be. he's expected to make a full recovery within a year, they say. >> he should be playing next season and the name he mentioned over and over, is luke, lukhancock, the louisville cardinals basketball team and came over and said a prayer for kevin ware, as he broke his leg and he went on to say,'s going to atlanta. as soon he was going to the hospital, he said to the doctors i've got to go to atlanta, the host of the final four this saturday. and louisville will play wichita state and when he was talking about cutting the nets down, if louisville goes on to win the national championship, that kevin ware believes his teammates will put him on
11:09 am
their shoulders and he will be the one that cuts down the net, which is tradition at the championship of college basketball, cut the net down and take it with you. and that's what he was talking about. we don't show the injury again because it's so gruesome. >> megyn: no. >> reporter: here is an indicator-- we're not going to use the animation, but we're the saying the possibility he may have had stress fractures in the leg, that predisposed him to this type of injury. remember, he broke the bone in two places between the ankle and the knee, and as he said, the bone was kind of sticking out of his skin six inches and doctors are kind of leaning toward the theory that maybe he had a fractured leg to begin with and kevin ware says he didn't feel pain at all and says that the reason he didn't feel pain is because he was in shock and that his next thought was, we've got to win this basketball game and go on to win the national championship. really one of the most inspiring stories, you heard
11:10 am
one of the reporters talking about the gipper, you know, begin one for the gipper and now the new thing, win one for kevin. >> megyn: and they did, they won and i think they can, louisville can count that win against duke winning one for the gipper and then when they wind up with syracuse, they don't have to win one more, the gipper has already been served. >> that's right. >> megyn: all right, trace, thank you. bring you some news now. president obama making his way to colorado to deliver a speech on gun control at the denver police academy we told, but that last hour. yesterday the white house was putting up some defenses after being pressed to clarify some initial warnings about the impact of the so-called sequester. we're back to that. and remember we have been told all of these things were going to happen and now we're a few weeks later and now, are they happening? the white house press corps gets paid to ask those questions and our own ed henry did. specifically asking about the
11:11 am
claim that america was going to be less safer because of the number the-- less safe because of the number of border patrol agents furloughed and apparently changed a bit. let's listen. >> it's a moving picture and that can be on the plus side, where furloughs may take place a little later or on the minus side where things may be more immediate. and that's a fact. true with every agency, but i-- look, feel free to convey to your readers and viewers that the sequester doesn't matter and then-- >> i didn't say it didn't matter. i said the secretary came in here and said that we were going to be less safe, people would be crossing border because there's less border patrol agents and then announced yesterday, actually we're not doing that. i'm not saying it's not important i'm saying that mislead the public. >> absolutely not. and i'm saying-- you're editorializing this enormously in that. >> how so?
11:12 am
february 25th she said, if you have 5,000 fewer border patrol hours or agents you have 5,000 fewer border patrol agents that has an impact. those are her words not political sizing. >> megyn: ed henry is live in denver with the president and wow, he didn't like that question, ed. why? >> well, because these are the administration's own words being put back against them. you heard jay carney trying to change the subject and suggesting i was editorializing and in fact i was quoting the homeland security janet napolitano, if you go back to the transcript, that the country would be less safe because 5,000 less border patrol agents would essentially be on duty. that has not turned out to be the case so we need to hold the administration' words, need to hold them accountable on their own words. not just the cabinet secretary, but jay carney himself. the part he said yesterday, this is a manufacturing picture and then essentially, they're moving money around so that they don't have to
11:13 am
furlough those border patrol agents yet, but maybe down the road they will. the fact of the matter is, back in february, janet napolitano, arne duncan and others suggested he they couldn't move money around, they did not have flexibility to do that and now apparently they do. listen to arne duncan in february. >> if i had the flexibility i could-- there's no where to go. >> reporter: so, arne duncan then in february saying we have nowhere to go, no flexibility to move money around and now appears the white house says they do have more flexibility. important underscore we're the not saying that the sequester has not had an impact. defense secretary-- >> the question is whether the impact matches up. a hard break, got to go. we'll be right back. when you have diabetes...
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your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >> fox news alert. breaking news now on what is being called a united nations
11:17 am
threat to our constitutional rights. what is it? we had the breaking news yesterday at this hour, the u.n. approving an international arms control treaty. now, that treaty contains a provision that restricts small arms, which could include handguns among many, many other things. and that's touched off a firestorm of controversy. the texas attorney general write a letter to president obama vowing to sue the administration. treaties do not trump constitutional liberties. even if you as the president signed and the senate ratified the arms treaty our constitution remains the supreme law of the land and would supercede any treaty that violated rights. and general, great to he see you again. let he me ask you if that's true and certainly, it must be that the u.s. constitution would trump any international treaty that we were to approve. still have to go through the senate and the president. what's the concern? who cares if we sign it or
11:18 am
don't? we're going to abide by our constitution? >> well, the concern, megyn, it's great to be back with you. the concern is that we would get to that place at all. the concern is that the united states is trying to use the united nations as a back door mechanism to try to legislate in the united states and in this instance trying to impose gun control and this they've worked with the united nations as an imminent threat to liberties and we want to lay down this issue and raise the warning with americans so we can make sure that first of all, the senate votes against ratification of the treaty, but secondly, that we will be prepared to wage litigation, if we have to to make sure that the u.n. is not going to be regulating firearms in this country. >> help me understand where the risk is. because what the u.n. says, what the backers of this treaty domestically have said is, this is about arms control trying to prevent guns from getting into the hands of bad people overseas. it doesn't have anything to do with american gun rights and so they say, you know, greg
11:19 am
abbott is right he when it comes to what happens inside the borders of the united states. the constitution will control this, it's about preventing stuff bad, bad stuff from happening outside of our borders. >> right. what you're raising right now is a real concern, megyn and that is that the backers of this, the obama administration are selling this on two grounds, one of which is what you laid out and other, seven out of the eight to be regulated involving things like tanks and aircrafts and carriers like that and not the small guns, so, who is against tanks being cracked down on and here is the issue, megyn, and that is because this vaguely worded document allows the united states to impose regulatory requirements, crackdown on transfer of weapons, it's going to make it so that there is the ability later on after this is passed, if it's ratified for the u.n. to have even greater authority to regulate firearms and our second amendment rights and
11:20 am
cannot simply be counted on to safeguard our bill of rights here in the united states. >> so if this u.n. treaty directly conflicts with a ruling by the u.s. supreme court, interpreting the second amendment, et cetera. it would be clear that we wouldn't have to abide by the treaty, but you're pointing to the debate. there may be some gaps, some things that the u.n. tries to control that our law hasn't specifically gotten to yet. and so, it could lead to more gun control here in the united states. that the u.n. would have to ov oversee? >> precisely, the argument could be made that the treaty is worded so vaguely and there is no specific violation of a second amendment right, a second amendment rights right now. however, there could be a violation later on depending upon the way that the united nations applies and ininterprets this treaty at a future date. >> megyn: who would enforce it, general? who, if we here in the united states did run afoul somehow of this treaty, who is coming knocking on the door, saying
11:21 am
you screwed up under the treaty? >> there's now a secretary who's going to be in charge of imposing these regulations and making sure that everything is complied with. there's a new bureaucratic person and agency at the united nations that's going to be overseeing all this, looking and seeing what the united states is doing, which of course, is another one of the concerns that we have about this law. or treaty? >> yeah, remind me of the election when they had the u.n. was sending, you know, poll watchers and wanted to send poll watchers to texas among other place and who from the u.n. is going to try this, it's not allowed to-- folks are not satisfied. it raises a similar issue, does it not. >> i'm the one who raised the issue about united nations related poll watchers coming into texas, going into the polling areas and monitoring what we're doing here. we don't need the united nations running texas elections and need the united nations safeguarding our second amendment rights, they cannot be trusted with that.
11:22 am
>> megyn: we'll wait to see if the white house responds. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> megyn: it took rutgers less than 24 hours to fire their basketball coach after measurmesh-- measured america saw him berating his players. when you have diabetes...
11:23 am
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sinkhole in florida that swallowed a man in his own bedroom, burying him alive. it was shot just before the house was demolished and phil keating has that live from miami, phil. >> that street east tampa remains dangerous to the in fact, the houses on both sides of the house where that home once stood above the sinkhole are also condemned by the county and newly released video was shot by a construction worker who attached a camera to a pole and put it through the bedroom window to show what it looked liked, the bed, the dresser, the entire floor as you can
11:27 am
see gone, disappeared into that relatively narrow 60 foot deep sinkhole. looking into it, really all you can see is dirt and darkness, 37 year old jeff bush's body was never recovered. and geologists say it's too unstable and would endanger others. and the backhoe used a far-reaching arm, and when this happened, several people were sleeping in that house. >> there was no cracks in the walls. the house with a hole opened up, the house did not even move. the house did not shake. it did not move. nothing. >> just really bizarre. jeff bush's brother jeremy was in that house and desperately tried to dig his brother out, but too late. now that they've seen the new video, the family understands were authorities ruled out
11:28 am
recovering the body. experts say florida is increasingly the at risk to sink holes due to the state largely being underlane by pourous limestone. they predict in the next year or two florida's population will eclipse new york and the third most populous state and the more people on top of this unstable ground, using it for farming is the recipe for more. >> megyn: thank you. the words erupted in yesterday's white house press briefing. we showed you a few minutes ago, as press secretary jay carney was asked about some administration claims that may not have panned out in the wake of automatic spending changes and particularly janet napolitano. ed henry, jay carney, and whether the white house is really on the defensive and
11:29 am
why next. >> you're editorializing enorm mauously now. >> february 25th, if you had 5,000 fewer border patrol agents, you have 5,000 fewer border patrol agents that has an impact. that's are her words, not politicized. >> how is that not the case? >> they announced yesterday they're not doing that. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest
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11:32 am
>> right now, our story from
11:33 am
the top of the hour on the obama administration facing new questions about the warnings we heard. just a couple of months ago. about what would allegedly happen when those automatic spending changes, known as the sequester took effect last month and how much of the fallout has yet to materialize. here is some more of our own ed henry questioning about janet napolitano and the furlough on the border agents. it happened about 24 hours ago. >> feel free to convey to your viewers and readers that the sequester doesn't matter and then explain-- >> i didn't say it doesn't matter. i said the secretary came in here and said we were going to be less safe. crossing the border because there's less border patrol agents and announced yesterday, actually we're not doing that, i'm not saying it's not important, i'm saying mislead the public. >> absolutely not and i'm saying that--
11:34 am
you're editorializing enormously. >> how so? >> february 25th, she said, if you have 5,000 fewer border patrol hours or agents, you have 5,000 fewer border patrol agents, that has a real impact. those are her words. >> right. >> it's not politicized. >> how is that not the case? >> they announced yesterday they're not doing that. >> well, but there are reductions and whether it's those border-- go ahead and report that, he ed. we've made clear, look-- >> 5,000, and we're not doing that. >> talk to the-- talk to those who have been laid off and furloughed in the-- >> look, you can obviously go to the dhs and-- >> she said we're going to be less safe. >> right. and the impact of the sequester will not all be immediate and if you can predict to me when the sequester will end, if it will end when the republicans will make the fateful decision to fund border patrol agents or fund our national security interests or head start at
11:35 am
appropriate levels and rather than, you know, continue to extend tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected tell me when that happens and we can assess what damage a was done after the fact. >> megyn: joining me now to discuss this simon, a former bill clinton advisor and tony, a fox news contributor. wow! let me just start, this is the second time we've seen jay carney, second time in a -- you know, three weeks, seen him snap at one of our reporters over what this reporter deems a legitimate question, which is janet napolitano told us it was going to happen. and arne duncan said there wasn't much flexibility if any with these cuts. where are they and were they being truthful? they're no longer happening. i want to ask you about the defensiveness, tony? why? am i wrong do i perceive a
11:36 am
defensive press secretary? you're absolutely right, megyn. this is not a not so perfect storm for democrats. the white house made a misstep trying to overexaggerate the negative impacts of sequester. and you've seen a drop in public opinion went from 53% to 46%. most polls show him at 15 month lows, but worse for the president and why carney is unhinged he's lost the media support on this and totally abandoned his plank. he got in a shouting match similar with john carlo from abc news because of the white house secret service not wanting to give the carlos and carl brought up the very he good point, how much is your trip to florida to play golf with tiger woods and that set off a whole thing. and the media and obama overreach with sequester and new york times, the president that cried wolf. bob woodward the one that blew
11:37 am
the whistle on the obama administration, pointing out the sequester. and the loss of the white house press corps that usually protects them. >> megyn: can you respond to that point specifically, simon? >> about the defensiveness. >> megyn: and tony's theory t their feeling that they are losing a press that had been, you know, pretty enamored to some extent with the president. >> i'm not sure that the white house staff would feel that the press is in love with them over the last four years, but-- >> you remember president obama even joked that the white house correspondents dinner, all of you covered me, most of you voted for me. >> look, i think that-- i don't know that they're being defensive in general, and i think that yesterday there was a heated exchange between your guy, ed henry, a very good reporter, by the way, and jay carney and i think that they are making their case.
11:38 am
i think that part of what the frustration you saw yesterday was the sense that there are stories-- i saw three stories today about things that are getting cut out in local communities because the quest and it could be that there isn't this sense that things have really changed and there's frustration, right? but the idea that there isn't going to be pain when we cut 85 million dollars out of the budget and that things won't really be felt is itself kind of a silly argument. of course it will and that's the whole point. the whole point. >> no question that, yeah, i mean, of course there have been some cuts and some people have been furloughed and so on and that's just a fact, but it's-- and it seemed to be the place to which jay carney was trying to go, tony and like you tell me. it seems like ed had him on the border security issue and trying to get to this other place where he had been comfortable where there had been furloughs and so on, but it doesn't make the question about the border patrol illegitimate and that's something that a lot of people care about, what's happening at the border and whether miss
11:39 am
napolitano was correct when she said 5,000 furloughs there and whether it would be safe. >> and how about the timing. immigration he reform, what's the biggest stumbling block? border security. and that is topical and any reporter especially one like ed henry would want to ask the white house press secretary on. there are legitimate responses and simon gave one, of course sequestration is going to hurt, no one is arguing that, don't exaggerate. but jay carney attacking almost ed henry and fox news and he's quote, unquote, editorializing and shows how shallow the response is, go ahead and tell your viewers and readings sequestration doesn't matter. that's a back and forth i might have with simon in the green room. it's not a back and forth you would expect the white house secretary would have with the correspondent of the highest rated cable station in america. >> megyn: it reminded me of a technique that they used to
11:40 am
teach us when i practiced law, they called it bridging, bridging, and they used to say, bring the young associates in and teach you when you're in front after judge and asks awe hard question you may know the answer to, but you can't give the answer up it's not going to help your client. and bridge away. you bridge away, like, miss kelly, how much do you weigh? you know what, it's funny you should ask that we were asking a discussion about weights and measure and changed so much in the past years and canadians have a different system than we have and what about canada, what's happening with-- and he is canada and that's what you called bridging away from the uncomfortable subject. >> before you go, let's be clear what we found out this morning was the reason why there weren't the cuts, the 5,000, we didn't have the border patrol cuts is because congress in their budget a few weeks ago, restored the money. because the pain of losing the 5,000 border agents, 25% at the time, collective time of the border guards, along the
11:41 am
border. congress thought it was a bad idea and in some way that reinforces the narrative that obama's been pushing, which is that we made some dumb decisions in the sequester, congress had to put some stuff back and this was one of them. the reason why jay carney should know better-- >> why carney didn't say that. >> and ed didn't know either. ed didn't know either, he made a mistake on the air. >> that's a good question and i will get back to you on that. >> because ed's job is to answer the questions. >> megyn: let simon answer that and give it to you. >> no, no, both made a mistake yesterday. jay should have known about what had happened, but the point is that in the budget, if this gets to the point that janet napolitano has done a good job on the border. the border is much safer and a-- >> that's not on the table today. >> and talk about bridges. >> megyn: bridging. >> i took your advice, megyn. so the point is. >> good one, simon. >> they have a lot of credibility on this, they were able to restore because of the additional funding that they got from congress.
11:42 am
and by the way, thank god, it was a good decision that congress made to make sure that we keep the gains we've made along the border and we didn't lose those because of the sequestration. >> a quick final. >> look, congress wanted to give the president the authority to specifically reallocate the cuts and sequester before it even went into action so we could avoid cuts. and the president summarily rejected that. and it's ed henry's job to ask the question not answer. the fact that the white house press secretary couldn't give the answer that simon did, they don't have the facts. >> megyn: if you don't have the answer on the fact, and if you don't know sometime say that's a good question and i'll look into that and maintain the integrity with the viewer, the reporter and the answer is much more now than i normally do, because there's another human being developing inside of me. and guys, thank you. >> great to see you.
11:43 am
>> thanks megyn. >> megyn: coming up less, look less than 24 hours for rutgers to fire its men's basketball coach after america saw a video of him shoving and swearing at his players, beaning them in the head with basketballs when he went happy with their play. given that the school has known about this for months. kelly's court is next and whether it coach really deserves the firing and whether he's the only one who should be getting canned. (bleep)
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
>> kelly's court, the firing of the rutgers men basketball coach. mike rice is fired today after video goes viral, him shouting slurs at them and here is a clip. >> (bleep).
11:47 am
>> we were nice to mr. rice because the video goes on and on and on here. like i say, gay slurs, one that begins with an f and ends with t-s and on and on. and the school athletic director saw it months ago and chose to suspend coach rice and fine him and go through chases and fired after the video starts circulating to a national audience. does the school have a right to do this? does the coach have any rights now? and what about the whistleblower who took that video who claims he was fired in retaliation for doing that? coach rice. and joining me now steve, a former and arthur aidala. i didn't play college sports, but a personal trainer and
11:48 am
toughen up buttercup. and mr. rice is not very ginger and obviously, totally out of line, but is it a fireable offense? >> yeah, i mean, look, i think it's a fireable offense. do i think, i mean, a guy on espn categorizes it the most heinous treatment of players of all time. give me a break, he threw a basketball at a division one basketball's players ankle and put an elbow in a guy's chest. if this was a football team and not a basketball team, nobody with a bat an eyelash about this. when i played lacrosse 30 years ago in high school and the coach would put on gloves and punch you in the face and the helmet. >> megyn: before before i give it to steve. it's fine when you say i played lacrosse and that's how was and i look at the players and think they have to be tough. i think, what if it were yates out there, what if it were luca, if it's your own child and seeing their sons get beaned in the head by a
11:49 am
basketball close range by the man who is surprised to be leading them. >> true leaders lead in an inspirational way not a negative way. counselor, judge, you showed a little clip. we don't know what the rest of the coaching style was. what the athletic director says there was not a line outside of his door of players and coaches-- >> because they want to play. because they want to play, steve. right? i mean, athletes are raised to take a fair amount of abuse and verbal abuse is not good, but physical abuse takes it to another level, does it not? >> it does and i think that the point arthur made, there was not a line outside of his door because apparently all of these guys and players, all of these players are so used to this type of behavior. they're not shocked by it. they see it all the time. what was caught on the videos is just one piece of what's been going on. boy for a long period. >> megyn: can they fire him now after he's already sort of paid for the crime, if you
11:50 am
will? >> well, he can. and this is the problem here. if they would have addressed this situation right away, and simply made sure that it ended when it was first brought to their attention, and if it did in fact end. if it could have been characterized as a one time incident. if any one of those videos could have been taken out of order and simply said this is a one isolated event and that's it, it could have been addressed, it could have been ended right away, but that wasn't what happened. this went on and on and on. this was not a one-time event. >> megyn: i don't know if we had evidence it went on since december, since the punishment was delivered and if your coach rice has an employment contract there's probably some clause there why he can be fired or can't. >> absolutely. >> megyn: what can they say, the bad publicity? >> it's that part and going to come down to the contractual issues. >> megyn: and that's what you said. >> this all happened months ago and it wasn't until it broke as a national story that he gets fired. >> and that does matter. >> it shows you that the punishment is supposed to fit
11:51 am
the crime. it was one punishment only a school knew about it, and another punishment wound up on kelly's court. >> megyn: there may be a moral's clause if you look bad or make us look bad you could get fire. we have much more including an apology, we'll show you.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
>> it's troubling, but at some time maybe i'll explain it, but right now there's no explanation for what's on, because there's no excuse for it, i was wrong and i want to tell everybody who's believed in me that i'm -- that i'm deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship that i've caused. >> megyn: well, i mean he's sorry now, steve and he's also fired now, but you mention,
11:55 am
you know, the fact that the public has now seen the video does change the legal grounds against him. >> yes, it does, and this has now elevated this in a real sense to undermine the structure and integrity of the school itself. the fact that this came to light. just all that it does is demonstrate that the damage from his actions has increased and therefore, the punishment must also increase and it did. >> megyn: arthur, what about this guy, eric murdoch, the former director of player development. apparently the one responsible for taking some or all of the video and a whistleblower and told the school, he's treating players badly, badly and this is the least of it. he says players did leave rutgers because of the treatment and he claims he got fired for blowing the whistle. does he have a case? >> rice is the one who brought him in. he hired him and apparently at the end of-- i don't believe last season, it may have been last season, there was some scheduling conflict and he, the assistant
11:56 am
coach wanted to go lecture somewhere and it was conflicting with the rutgers men's basketball schedule and there was a conflict there and apparently the assistant coach's contract was up and it really was not re-upped. he did not get fired. his contract terminated and he was not re-signed. they took a strong stand he was not fired and not rehired. it was nothing to do with blowing the whistle. >> megyn: he's going to claim he was not rehired because he showed the videotape and if he's got a case-- >> that's the problem, it doesn't look good for rutgers. the fact is, you can call it whatever you want i can allow your contract to expire and it could be deemed the same thing, as an adverse action being terminated and what is the end result? >> you serve as the athletic directors-- >> they can do better and most of us do better and hopefully
11:57 am
want to coach our children will do better. we'll be right back. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
11:58 am
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